these hands.

these hands. 

these hands printed 150+ pieces of clothing in the past month

these hands have dyed clothes, stamped tags, taken photos (with frozen fingers), heat set shirts, sewn on tags, folded, wrapped, stamped bags, typed up listings, wiped tears of frustration and overwhelm, wipe tears of elated joy, hugged and pet thorstein when i needed comfort, typed up emails, edited photos, printed shipping labels, hole punched tags and strung them up, along with countless other tasks that my tired brain doesn’t remember at the moment. 

and thanks to you folks and your beyond incredible support this year + holiday season, these hands were able to purchase gifts for friends and family (and myself) from a ton of amazing small makers!!! 💛✨

this is my livelihood. 

your support supports my basic needs and beyond. because of you folks i am able to continue to share my art with the world and expand to the horizons i’ve only dreamed of. and when i do have the extra money to spoil myself or buys gifts for others, i’d say about 75% or more goes back to small makers + businesses cause that’s what’s important to me. 

i absolutely LOVE supporting the small folks, cause i know the joy you feel when you get an order and you are helping support someone’s dream 💫

so, thank you.
thank you 
thank you 
thank you!!! 💛✨ 


pants are made by sister nettle  💛

stamped rings by lace bone jewelry 🖤

turquoise + jasper rings by north star silver

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