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running in wet grass for an hour

the title.. yeah, that's exactly what I did to capture the 'frolicking in the field' vibe of the first main header photo on the website. so, behind the scenes story time yeah? 

It's mid June, everything is just beginning to bud and bloom

I had a vision for the photo, I needed golden hour light and the grassy field at the end of our backyard trails. I'm also stubborn as all hell and take all my product pictures myself, but I also love doing it (most days). so, I made the plan to get up at 6:30am on a day that looked like it would be good n sunny. It was cool out, according to the thermometer it was around 5*C but it felt much warmer than that. I gathered my things, camera, tripod, remote, phone for music, water bottle, banana for an early morning snack once I got hungry, and Thorstein in tow and we headed to the field.

my frosty boots when I first arrived at the field

 once I arrived at the field, part of me felt that I should've gotten up even earlier, the perfectionist side of me thinking that just ten, fifteen minutes early might have been that much better light, but I'm pretty sure I was just overthinking things (like I tend to do a lot of the time). anyways.. I walk to the side of the field that had started to become blanketed in the morning light and it is... quite wet from the dew, the grass is roughly knee height on me. I set up the tripod, camera, self timer, get the good tunes playing, and then I begin.

click, march, march, march, okay the light is flashing, okay, now run, but not too fast, sort of jog, is the camera going? how's my timing? oh shit there it goes, okay I'm just standing here in this shot. okay, go again. run one way and then back to where you started, make sure you stay in the frame.

and once it took all the shots I'd walk back and do it all over again. for an hour to make sure I got at least one good shot.

so, here are some lovely outtakes.. some are weird mid action shots and some are actually really nice, just not exactly what I was going for..

me and my boy

getting a little bit tired

by the end my feet were beyond soaked, I could hear the water sloshing and squishing around in my boots. my legs were wet and cold and I was hungry. so, on the walk back Thorstein and I shared a banana, and once I got home I wrung out my socks, and changed into nice dry clothes and made myself a nice warm bowl of oatmeal.


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