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rebirth + process

i’ve been feeling sort of lost this past week and a bit. floating no where and everywhere. so many things started, but nothing finished. i kind of lost my initial vision for this next collection of goods as things got pushed around more and more. 

but time and time again it never fails, to go on a walk in the woods alone, just focusing on my feet across the ground and the sun shining through the trees. 

and after a reawakening of sorts, yesterday, i begin again with an evolved vision. 


my thoughts were going in every direction of all the things i have to do, but i finally tested out my new block printing inks on fabric and it is really fun to play around with this new medium. i’m so in love with the gold + orange in the first and the turquoise in the last photo! today i’ll be dyeing the rest of a new batch of tees and doing some more ink testing! (and writing to do lists to keep my brain organized and in order)

i will be announcing the next shop update date very soon, stay tuned!

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