a look back at the wild badger flower garden

The last of my flowers fell to the frost a while ago and I finally pulled up the last of my annuals a couple weeks ago. I've been hoping + waiting for the weather to warm up and the very annoying bit of snow we got mid October to melt and finally, the sunshine and warm weather have arrived, and it's the first week of November? Kind of backwards from the norm, but hell yes I will take it!! I've got bulbs to plant this week and I'm so excited to get my hands in the dirt again (and not freeze my fingers off). But, back to what I came here for, to reminisce the wonderful blooms from this past summer, my first real flower gardening endeavour!

nigella seed pod // echinacea // bunny tails

calendula // nigella


zinnias // calendula // the first sunflower bloom in the patch

little bee doin' the good work // flower bed in front of the studio window

sunflower gothic

and lastly, my towering sunflowers (I'm 5'7" for reference) and these big boys grew up good! the autumn beauty sunflowers were only supposed to be 5-6 feet tall but definitely exceeded 8 feet!
I'm already day dreaming and scheming about next years flowers, hell I was planning and daydreaming while summer was still here! I've got big plans for next year in many parts of my life and expanding the flower gardens is a part of that.

I hope these beautiful blooms bring you joy wherever you are, whatever you may be going through. 


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