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a little january recap

Howdy! I hope you folks are doing well and staying safe. This month I’ve been in major hermit mode, resting, cleaning, organizing, hibernating, reflecting, taking time off from the business (well, for about two weeks, then my brain started to go and I did some planning). As some of you may know I’ve been taking a break from instagram for this month and let me tell you, it has been G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S!!! No distractions and extra noise rattling around in my brain, fantastic.

So, let’s fill you in on the goings on of the past month,

I organized my seeds. I got a lot for Christmas from my parents for the much anticipated growing season ahead (new + exciting things coming y’all!!) I have a quite a lot of sunflower seeds, so many gorgeous varieties and I’m bursting at the seams to plant them this spring.

I watched the second season of the Mandalorian over Christmas. Now, I was obsessed with the soundtrack from the first season when it came out and the second season is possibly even better.

I made a pinterest account and I’ve been having a blast making all kinds of mood boards, flower inspiration and character/realm studies. I find it very relaxing grouping nice pictures and aesthetics. If you’re on there and wish to follow along, you can check mine out here.

I’ve been listening to Vide Noir by Lord Huron on vinyl on repeat (thank you to my little brother for the wonderful Christmas gift!), When the Night is Over is my absolute favourite. I feel this record in my soul this season.

I did a test procion dye bath for a new t-shirt coming later in February that I am oh so excited for. More on that soon.. it’s been in the planning stages since this past autumn.

I just finished watching The Hobbit behind the scenes, Lord of the Rings is coming up soon again. 

I am beginning to plan the next few months of projects, shirts, designs, gardens, and….. A TINY HOUSE! Again, more details on that coming soon like everything else, but I am so fucking excited y’all! 

And lastly, I just picked up some film photos I finally got printed from back in December 2019 and the rest of 2020, which I’m seriously in love with. I love film. That is a big goal for me is to shoot more film this year. I love the grit and grain and mystery and surprise of going through them when you finally get to look through them long after you’ve taken them. I found a lot of wonderful surprises in there.

Here's a little sneak peak for you while I get the rest organized and scanned,

wild badger studio on film

The month is now nearing it’s end, and I can feel myself slowly slipping out of my deep hibernation, getting ready to share all kinds of wild and wonderful things with you all very soon.


  • I am now just noticing everyone’s comments here and they honestly made my day!! (over a month later than my post, but still!) Thank you everyone 💛💛

    Emma Siltamaki
  • Film photos and Lord Huron on vinyl sounds like my kinda jam! <3 Looking forward to seeing all your new projects!

  • So good to hear from you and to hear about your upcoming plans. Looking forward to seeing pics of your garden. Been daydreaming lots about my own garden and my homestead-lite plans for my family’s future. Looking forward to seeing y’all one day in the spring. Lots of love 💜💜💜

  • Love it all, Emma!
    Can’t wait to see what you are cookin’ up in the badger hole : )

    Tuija Kristen Hansen

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