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it’s been four months since our first snow, and it never quite fully melted.

this day. my best friend of fifteen years was visiting. we drove the snowy, muddy backroads, music blasting. stopping every so often to take some pictures to make it feel like we were on a road trip. it was quite cool, my fingers getting cold every time i stepped out of the car to snap some photos. but every so often the sun would peak out from behind the clouds.

at this time i was trying to lean into the change of seasons, though my body was not ready to be done playing in the dirt and doing yard work yet. but it was a really nice day.

and we took the scenic route home.


now, i find myself at the other end of the season. our deep freeze is ending, there’s more daylight everyday and i can feel the low humming energy of spring starting to come around the bend. the air feels lighter and every so often you can smell that light spring smell on the breeze.


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